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When a brand can offer a personalized experience to its customers, it’s sure to be a hit. That’s what makes Spotify a successful platform. The digital music streaming service has been providing instant access to its vast online library of music and podcasts since 2008, allowing you to listen to any content of your choice at any time. From the time you install the app, Spotify offers a personalized experience based on the user’s preferences of what kind of music and what artist they like. This feature alone could be why the platform has become a hot bed for businesses to promote themselves.

Advertising on Spotify is spitting out success stories for many marketers and their businesses. Spotify has altered the way we consume music and audio content. It’s easier than ever to listen to your favorite music while you are on the go. One of the jobs of a marketer is to steer their marketing strategy in the same direction as their consumer habits. With more than 365 million users, of course advertising on Spotify sounds appealing. It’s great for consumer engagement as well. If you’re looking for brand awareness, then Spotify is the best place and is the great way to do it.

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Reaching your consumers through the most effective channels is challenging. Social media and search marketing is effective, but it is necessary to keep up with the trends to grow and succeed in your market. In 2018, Spotify began incorporating advertising on the platform, making customized campaigns and audience selection simple for marketers. With their ad studio you can choose from different ad types, choose your target audience, and run the ads while measuring their success rates. As was mentioned there are different types of ads that marketers can choose from according to their needs and preferences.

Different ads serve different purposes. With each type, there comes a distinct set of customers that it focuses on. Selecting an ad type is also highly based on your business and what works best for it. These include:

  • Spotify Audio Ads: Basic 30-second image ads that cannot be skipped. These ads are played between songs, around every 15 minutes.

  • Spotify Video Ads: Sponsored sessions in video ads initiate a 30-minute ad-free listening session, delivered when the screen is in a sound-on and in-view environment.
  • Spotify Podcast Ads: Highly effective and drive the greatest of results. 81% of listeners act as a result of listening to a podcast ad.
  • Spotify Display Ads: Desktop and mobile overlays are shown when the users return to the application, where the initial overlay is for about 2 seconds which then resolves into a leader board that has a large image fixed on the screen.
  • Spotify Banner Ads: These are the ads that are similar to banners and allow users to take over the homepage for a full day. These ads are clickable and interactive comprising an interactive area and a branded skin.

Advertising in the modern world is about turning your specific target audience into your brand and understanding what exactly it stands for. An optimized experience is expected from consumers, where the ads are personalized to them, and Spotify ads hit that mark. Your business can experiment with different ad types, measure success, and select the best-suited ad type. Advertising on Spotify is all about optimization, personalization, and testing.

As a whole Spotify makes for an effective marketing strategy. It’s easy to use, gives you effective results in less time and is cost effective. Audience insight makes advertising on Spotify an appealing strategy for marketers who are finding it hard to understand their target audience. The more people stream, the more insights on their habits and choices. Spotify is operating in 79 countries which give a large reach to audiences. On average an individual listens to Spotify for around 148 minutes. It is estimated that 64% of audiences around 15-38 years of age listen to Spotify while working.

The past couple years have affected everyone immensely, but this past year audiences hit play again on rebuilding their lives and Spotify was a way of doing that. Digital audio elevated moments, informed opinions, provided education, and inspired moods. All of this while helping forge new connections between listeners, creators, and advertisers. Spotify proved to be a haven for consumers as they depended on audio, with overall minutes played on the platform increasing by over 22% from 2020 to 2021 for users aged 15 to 44. 69% of Gen Z and millennial Spotify users agreed that audio acts as a soundtrack to their daily lives.

The future is bright for digital audio, making it the ideal place to grow your business. Audio discovery is at an all time high thanks to listeners who are spending more time than ever on Spotify. Its users are eager to experience new sounds, voices, and brands which are being shared with more and more people across multiple social networks. Your audience is there to listen and are already in the discovery mindset. It’s time to reach them. Spotify listeners and content are more diverse than ever, and it’s never been easier to share your brand with millions around the world. With more keys to create and manage ad campaigns, Spotify is where you need to be.

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