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Your Social Media Is Boring! Let’s fix it!

Social media is more than just sending out posts and hoping people respond to them. You need to have a strategy in place, and that means knowing your audience and what works for them. That’s where this guide comes in! I’ll walk you through how to tell if your campaigns are boring by examining all the facets of your brand’s social media presence (engagement, audience type, content type), then dive into specific strategies that can help make things easier on both sides of the screen: yours and theirs.

Is your social media boring?


In a world where sharing and posting is the norm, it’s inevitable that social media can be boring. Even if you have the best intentions, when you’re sharing the same content as everyone else or emphasizing the same topics over and over again, your posts can start to sound like noise.

Be intentional about what you share. Be honest with yourself about why you’re posting something, is it because it’s interesting, funny or important or just because someone else has posted something similar recently.

Examine your audience


You can do this by analyzing your audience. What are the demographics of your audience? Is it mostly women or men? What about age range? Are they mostly from Canada, the US, or is there a global reach? Knowing what kind of people you have following you will help inform your social media strategy in ways that will make your posts more relevant to them. This also means knowing what interests and topics resonate with them—and those that don’t.

Knowing these things will help shape your content so that you’re posting things that are actually relevant to them and their lives. People want to feel like they are part of something larger than themselves, so always try to relate matters back to them in some way—even if it’s just saying “Hey! You’re part of this community too!”—and then show them how they can contribute by providing links or tools for getting involved with causes or events near them.

Make a plan.


To determine if your social media strategy is working, you need to take a step back and analyze your goals. What do you want to achieve with your posts? Focus on this and decide on the type of content that will help you achieve it. For example, if one of your goals is engagement and sharing, then think about what kind of posts would encourage people to comment or like them.

Consider how often you’re posting as well; if it’s less than once a week, then chances are no one’s going to notice when you do post! Generally speaking, more frequent posting will yield better results—but again, not so much that it seems like spam either.

How is your engagement?


Engagement is the number of people who have interacted with your content. The more people that interact with it, the more engagement there is. You can measure this in different ways, but you want high levels of engagement to show that many people are interested in what you’re saying and sharing your posts.

For example, if you have 1000 followers only 40 people will see your post organically, that’s right the initial push is a whopping 4% of your audience. Every engagement you receive pushes that post farther, both to more of your audience and to the person who engaged audience as well. So, if you get no likes comments or shares, the buck stops there.

Are you using the same type of content?


If you’re posting the same type of content on a regular basis, it will get old fast. Your audience will grow bored and start ignoring your posts.

If you are posting different types of content every day, though, then they’ll see something new and engage with it.

You can post more than one type of content in a day as well! Posting videos during the day and photos at night is more interesting for everyone involved than just posting whatever comes first to mind.

What does work for you?


If you’re having trouble finding content that works for you, don’t be afraid to try new things. Figure out what your audience likes and then try to tailor your posts around that. For example, if they like funny videos or inspirational quotes, post those types of things. If they enjoy reading articles about specific topics such as fashion or technology, find relevant ones and share them regularly with your followers.

If you can’t get enough insight into what’s working (and what isn’t), consider hiring a social media manager who can help guide the direction of your social media strategy based on their expertise.

Mix it up


The best way to keep your social media interesting is to mix up the types of content you share. It’s important to have a good mix of text, images and video.

Humor can be a great way to keep your audience’s attention, but make sure it fits in with the rest of your brand personality.

If you’re using humor, don’t go overboard—you want people to engage with your content rather than being put off by it. If a post doesn’t seem like something that would fit into the rest of what people expect from your brand personality, then either change/remove it or don’t post at all.

Be creative.


In order to make your social media more interesting, try being creative. You can use humor or share different kinds of content—or even something you wouldn’t normally share. If you want to connect with people on a deeper level, take the time to respond to their comments and messages.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.


Don’t be afraid to experiment. One of the best ways to get a sense of what works for your audience and what doesn’t is by testing different types of content, engagement and social media platforms. While you’re at it, don’t be afraid to try out new things like redesigning your website or creating an entirely new channel on which to engage with your audience!

The key is not only learning through trial and error but also being open-minded enough to consider other options that may work better than what you have been doing in the past. If something isn’t working out as well as expected, then adjust accordingly so that it can be improved upon later on down the line when needed.

Take some risks.


Post something that might be controversial or funny, but make sure the timing is right.

If you want to be funny or controversial, the timing is crucial. It’s one thing to post something that’s just controversial for its own sake, but it’s another thing entirely if you want to be humorous. If you’re being funny, consider whether your timing is right:

  • Is what I’m about to say relevant?
  • Is this something that people will find funny?
  • Will this offend anyone?

There’s much more to social media than just sharing information, so embrace the opportunity to entertain your fans and followers, too!

It’s true that social media is a platform for sharing information, but it’s also a way to engage with your audience. One of the best ways to do this is through entertaining them in some way, whether that means posting funny memes or showing them something new and interesting. Think of it as a chance to show off your personality and play around on the web!

You can also use social media as an educational tool by posting links to articles or videos that help you share knowledge without having to write out long paragraphs. This type of content might be boring if you don’t have any kind of personality behind what you post, so keep this in mind when creating posts for your feed!

Social media is a lot of work. It takes time and patience to create content that will resonate with your audience, but it’s worth the effort. Today we learned posting original relevant, funny and interesting things frequently, that get lots of engagement are your steppingstones to winning Social Media. If you want to see results from your social media efforts, look at what works for you and what doesn’t. You can do this by examining your engagement levels and types of content (both on other platforms as well as yours). Then, apply those lessons learned when creating new posts in the future!

We hope this article has given you some insight into the world of social media marketing. If you would like a little help with your content marketing reach out, we help small businesses just like ours grow everyday!


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