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The Remix – The Art of Repurposing Content

It’s no secret that creating new content is time consuming. It takes hours, if not days or weeks, to write a blog post or article. It can take even longer to design it and get it ready for publishing. And every time you do this, you’re also losing an opportunity to reuse some of your existing content and reach people who could benefit from what you have written already.

If you’re like me, then this idea may seem crazy at first: why would anyone want to reuse old stuff?! But when it comes down to it—and let’s face it—these days we have much less time than ever before with our information consumption habits shifting towards shorter articles on social media feeds rather than long-form texts in traditional format like books or magazines.

Expand on your original piece

You can expand on your original piece by adding more detail. This can be done by providing a deeper dive into the content, or by expanding the scope of it. For example, you could add new perspectives from experts in related fields; or even create new content that expands upon a topic with another angle altogether such as offering an infographic or video.

You could also expand your reach to a different audience through different formats and mediums, like making audio versions of articles instead of just written ones. You could even change up the tone or style of your writing to make it more engaging—this is often called “voice” and might involve things like humor or storytelling as opposed to straight-up reporting.

Consider starting a series

A series is a great way to build a relationship with your audience by providing them with an experience that they can get excited about.

There are many ways you can create a series, but here are some ideas:

  • Write an entire blog post, then publish other posts that build on it over time (e.g., 10 Things You Didn’t Know About…).
  • Record podcasts that cover topics in depth over several episodes (e.g., How to Build Your Own Blog).
  • Start interviewing people who have skills and insights you want to share with your audience (e.g., Interviews with Influencers).

Turn your content into an infographic

Infographics are a great way to get your content out there, share it with people who don’t have time to read long articles, and generate traffic to your site. They’re also popular on social media, so they can be used to explain your content visually—and make it more likely that people will share it with others.

Here are some tips on how create infographics:

  • Make sure the infographic is focused on one topic.
  • Use words sparingly so the infographic doesn’t look cluttered or confusing.
  • Think about who your target audience is for this graphic and make sure that it appeals to them.
  • If you’re going to have text in the infographic, make sure that the font size and color are readable for everyone.

Convert it into a video

If your content is worthy, you can use it to create a video. Video is more engaging than text, and it’s easier to share with a wider audience. Now more than ever people are more likely to engage with video than read a lengthy article.

A video that shares the same message as your article or blog post will help people find new ways to use your content. You can also use a video as part of a promotion campaign for an upcoming project or product launch—and when you do so, offer them access to the full text version of the article so they can read it if they choose.

You might consider turning some of your long-form texts into videos for YouTube or embedding them into the blog post itself, this way your audience has options to consume the content. This format has been growing in popularity over recent years thanks in part due to the rise in smartphone ownership. Videos are great for repurposing because they let listeners hear what you have say instead of just reading words onscreen – which makes sense since most people listen more than they read these days anyway!

Reuse your old blog posts

You can also create a new infographic, video, list or quiz from your old blog posts. Just as with a remix of another type of content, the goal is to repurpose something you’ve already created into something new. The only thing that changes is how you use it!

You can even turn your old blog post into a course by making it interactive and adding links to other content in your marketing funnel. You’ll want to add some sort of call-to-action at the end like “sign up now”, so that people know where they’re going next after reading this page. The key here is that if you make these changes, then Google might see them as new pieces of content which will help them rank higher than they did before on search engines like Google or Bing.

Don’t worry if you’ve never remixed content before; it’s an easy way to get started with this kind of marketing strategy. Just think about what kinds of things people want from each type of media and then choose the best way to repurpose your old blog posts.

Instead of always creating new content, look at ways you can leverage much of what you have already created.


Re-purposing your content is a great way to save time and money. Instead of always creating new content, look at ways you can re-purpose much of what you have already created. You’ll also avoid the trap of re-writing the same content over and over.

Re-use existing pieces of content to reach new audiences who may not be familiar with it. It’s especially useful if you’re working on an eCommerce site or blog where many visitors are new every day.

Re-use content to build a portfolio, if you’re building a portfolio, reusing old posts that were well received by readers can help build trust among potential clients as well as display your strengths as a writer and marketer in general.

Re-use content to build authority Reusing old pieces of content is a great way to prove you’re an expert at what you do. Republishing old articles with new information or expanded ideas makes it easier for readers to understand the original article and will likely prompt them to share it with their friends on social media.

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to repurpose your content. The key is finding a way that works for you and your audience. The important thing is not to be afraid of experimenting—if something doesn’t work, don’t beat yourself up about it! Just try something new next time around.

If you still feel like you don’t have the time to consistently create or repurpose content, Reach out! We do this everyday for businesses just like yours and they love us!




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