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As business owners we all want more customers, and on top of that we want our current customers to be happier with the service or product we are providing. Customer relationship management (CRM) software is designed to help with that exact goal.

CRM software or Customer Relationship Management software is a tool that helps you manage customer data and offer streamlined customer services across your business. Most businesses need a contact manager to handle contact details of their customers and prospects. In the early stages of most companies, this is typically done manually through spreadsheets or simple contact management tools. However, these processes become inefficient as your business grows, and if you don’t fix the problem fast enough, then it can lead to significant loss in opportunity / sales. A CRM software helps solve the problem by storing all aspects of customer relationship into a database and making it easily accessible. It allows your marketing, sales, and customer support teams to have all the data at their fingertips when needed.

Having the right small business CRM can make a huge difference in the success of your business, especially when it comes to things like cultivating leads, turning those leads into customers, and turning customers into brand loyalists. So, why does your business need a CRM? Just because your business is small doesn’t mean that your tech needs are. CRM software has become a mainstay in the business world. With a complete CRM solution, you get a ton of big advantages that can help you better run your business, including these benefits:

  1. It Boosts Sales and Nurtures Leads

An online CRM allows your small business to capture more leads from your website and track them throughout the entire sales process. With your CRM stocked full of new contacts, you can nurture prospective buyers in your sales pipeline with targeted email campaigns until they are ready to buy. This means your sales team can prioritize leads, spending less time on unqualified people who are never going to pull the trigger and more time closing deals. Did you know that following up too late is one of the biggest reasons that companies lose customers and fail to convert prospects? A CRM software helps your sales team provide appropriate, automated follow-up to turn existing customers into long-term purchasers with ease.

  1. It Helps You Understand Your Customers

The best way to serve your customers is to understand exactly what their wants, needs, pain points, and preferences are. With a CRM you can automatically gather information about your customers at a granular level and analyze that data to gain valuable insight that will help you make more intelligent customer-centric business decisions. Track trends, assess behaviors and identify opportunities, all with a few clicks of a button. Small business CRM software is particularly useful for companies selling complex products or companies with longer sales cycles. The constant data collection allows you to continuously perfect how you interact with each and every customer. Months of customer behavior data can be effortlessly recorded and analyzed, which lets you better understand the different decisions that guided customers throughout their entire journey.

CRM Software For Small Business - Workflow

  1. It Improves Workflow

No matter how small your business, your sales and marketing process always has room for improvement. The reality is that most businesses have a ton of manual processes in place, such as sticky notes and spreadsheets, that kill productivity. Small business CRM software makes it very easy to create workflows your team can stick to on a daily basis. Whether it’s automating follow-up on a new lead or delivering a consistent new customer onboarding process, a CRM can improve your entire team’s efficiency, from sales to customer service.

  1. It Increases Customer Support

Customer support is the backbone of every small business. It impacts not only customer retention but also your revenue. So how do you deliver an extraordinary customer experience? By giving your support team instant access to detailed information about each and every customer. Let them discover their online history, their order information, and their past interactions with your company to ensure they really understand what each customer has gone through. A huge plus of CRM software is that it collects customer data in one place, making it easier to segment your customers based on their specific needs and interests.

  1. It Maximizes Resources

Small business owners are all too familiar with the challenge of wearing multiple hats. Marketing automation and a CRM allow companies of any size to do more with less because technology does the heavy lifting. As a result, even businesses operating on a skeleton crew can deliver high-level service and remain competitive with organizations of every size.

  1. It Enables You to Develop Best Practices

Small businesses must find a way to maximize productivity and efficiency to keep costs down and operate as profitably as possible. The best CRM software can help you identify and implement best practices to ensure that every employee remains on the same page and that the business is run like a well-oiled machine. Having these best practices in place can also make it easier to onboard new employees, bringing them up to speed faster and providing them with the marketing tools and information they need to do their jobs more effectively. If you’re not employing a CRM system, you’re missing out on lots of ways to be more efficient and purposeful in your day-to-day sales activities.

CRM software is incredibly useful in increasing sales, building customer relationships, and providing amazing customer services. Your customers get more personalized, more attentive, and highly efficient service. But why aren’t more small businesses using it? Well, some CRM software’s have a reputation for being massive, expensive, and difficult to use. That may have been true at one time, that was until now. We’d like to introduce you to Ally, a CRM software solution that your business can start using as soon as today. It’s affordable, sleek, and ready to help your team connect with customers on your own terms.

Ally is all you ever wanted in an assistant and much more. The software serves as a home base for all of your leads. It’s extremely easy to use as you can manage clients, appointments, scheduling and payments all from one app. Basically it allows you to spend less time on administrative tasks so you can focus on serving your clients.


Manage all your contacts in one place never lose a contact again. Store manage and label your leads, contacts and clients in one centralized online hub. Know your clients inside and out, get a birds-eye view of your client history, appointments, payments, invoice, documents and conversations. Run your business on the go and have all the information handy wherever you are and when ever you need it with a friendly mobile app. Boost your team’s productivity easily collaborate with your team, assigning clients, appointments, and incoming requests to staff members.


Ally is the ultimate appointment scheduling software for busy professionals. Let clients book services online 24/7.Consumers prefer to do business with companies that make it convenient and easy for them. Show them you value their time and appreciate their business

Invoicing System

Get your invoicing and billing tasks out of the way, so you can save time and focus on boosting your business. Easily issue beautiful invoices from your desktop or mobile and speed up payments with automatic client reminders.

Payment & Collection System

Get paid in a single click by letting clients pay for invoices online 24/7 by adding a simple payment button to your invoices. Don’t wait for clients to open their emails. Send invoices via SMS as soon as the meeting is done. Collect like a pro Forget about unpleasant collection calls – simply set up automatic payment reminders to ensure clients pay on time.

CRM Software For Small Business - Ally Client Portal

Client Portal

Keep your lights on and your business running 24/7. Client portal lets clients schedule, pay, share documents, and take action online from a friendly self service portal. Appointment reminders spend less time on admin tasks and cut no shows by 50% with automated SMS & email reminders. Custom follow-ups, gain more returning business with post-meeting follow ups inviting clients to book their next appointment.

Many businesses have a lot of moving parts. We communicate with thousands of customers daily through content, emails, newsletters, and podcasts. Small teams need powerful tools when it comes to managing customer relationships. All of these CRM options provide the features necessary for teams to stay organized as you grow. Businesses that work well with their CRM can see a potential 300% increase in conversion rates and a 47% increase in customer retention and satisfaction rates. But to achieve these impressive benchmarks, you’ll have to choose the right software. You can contact us at Crunch Fource to get set up with Ally today. You won’t regret it!


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