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Easy Copywriting tips

Easy Copywriting Tips Guaranteed to Increase Your Conversions

You already know that copywriting is a crucial part of your marketing plan. But, did you know that it can also be a great way to improve your conversions?

So, how do you do this? Well, as you know the internet is the information super highway. In fact so much knowledge is exchanged every second that Google will give you a trophy if you are the first person to ever search a phrase.

How do your stand out in all that information? First you need to make sure your copywriting is high-quality. If it’s not compelling or engaging enough then no one will want to read it.

So each piece that you write should have a purpose, be compelling, tell a story, and create a feeling of resonance in the reader.

Here are some easy and genuine ways to upgrade your copywriting skills today!

Power Words


Power words are words that have a strong emotional impact on the reader. They can be both positive and negative, but most of them carry a positive meaning.

This is because your readers aren’t just rational beings who look at your copy and make decisions based solely on data – they’re also emotional beings who are affected by how you make them feel when they read your copy.

If you write “Money Back,” it sounds like some policy that you have that would only be honored under certain conditions. This isn’t going to create any strong emotions in the reader’s mind. But if you write “I’m so confident in our product that if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy and you get your money back,” now there’s a reason for me to be more emotionally invested in this decision than before, and as a bonus it builds trust!



In the world of copywriting, there’s a lot of debate over whether it’s better to use emotion or logic. The answer, as you might imagine, is both. Read on my friend and I’ll show you how easy it is.

Emotions are a part of being human, so it’s important to understand how they work.

Emotions are responses to stimuli that can trigger different feelings in different people at different times. We all have emotions, but they’re not always easy to recognize or understand—we might not even know we have them until something happens that triggers them! We can feel different kinds of emotions about things we see and hear, things we think about or imagine in our mind, things other people say and do around us, situations, and reactions from our body. Some emotions are positive while others are negative. It’s important for writers to understand how this works so as not to inadvertently spark the wrong emotion in our audience

If you want to write effective copy, it’s important to know how emotion can be used to persuade people. There are many ways in which this can be done, but here are a few of my favorites:

  • Using stories and anecdotes. For example, “I had the same problem once and let me tell you what happened.”
  • Using humor or sarcasm. Many people love these emotions because they’re fun and easy-going. They also make the reader feel like they’re on your side and have similar interests as you do!

Emotionally charged copywriting can be effective and powerful. However, it’s important to remember that the emotions you evoke don’t have to mirror your own — they can be completely different. They also shouldn’t feel forced or manipulative because if they do, it will make your audience feel uncomfortable and disengaged with what you have written.

Emotion is a powerful tool for copywriters. It can help you connect with your audience, evoke a response and help people remember what you say. And because of the way our brains work, it’s also a very effective way to persuade people. Maya Angelou once said “At the end of the day, people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel!”

Context is key


Context can be used to make your copywriting more effective, and context can be used to make your copywriting more engaging.

Let’s say you’re writing about how a product will help improve people’s lives. If you don’t mention the benefits of that product, the reader may not understand why he or she should buy it. If you show how that product will benefit him or her specifically—as opposed to just saying “it helps people”—you’ll grab their attention and get them interested in what else they can do with this product.

Here’s another one of my stellar examples: Imagine that I’m writing an ad for a new skin care line. If I say “our products are good” without giving any other information about them or what makes them unique, there’s nothing compelling enough here for someone to make a purchase decision. But if I wrote something like “Our products are scientifically formulated and contain ethically sourced ingredients,” now we’ve got some credibility going on!

Slippery slope


Slippery slope copywriting is a technique that uses the power of suggestion to get your audience to take actions. A slippery slope is a way of presenting something as inevitable, and it’s usually used in conjunction with metaphors and analogies.

A great example of slippery slope copywriting presents an idea as not only inevitable but also exciting. It makes you wonder what happens next!

Slippery slope copywriting can be amazingly effective if you use it well. Your audience will start imagining themselves in your story before they even have time to think about whether or not they should do whatever action you’re asking them to take. This makes it much easier for them to get past their initial resistance or hesitation because they feel like they’ve already been there–and they did find themselves enjoying the experience!

Remember each sentence should be stronger than the last and create a desire to read the next one.

Copywriting is a powerful tool. It gives your readers a chance to connect with your brand on a personal level and can help them become engaged in the story you’re telling. However, it’s important to remember that flowery words and detailed examples don’t always need to be present in your copy or content—sometimes, cold facts will do just fine!

If you want people to get emotionally invested in what you have to say, then be genuine, sincere, and write in a way that represents your brand and resonates with your audience, both their hearts and their minds.

If you are looking for some help increasing your revenue, improving your conversions or just need some compelling copy written. Reach out! We help small businesses just like yours achieve their business goals everyday, you could be next!



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