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How to take advantage of Organic Marketing for your business?

Organic Marketing for your Small Business in Canada

Every business owner faces the same issue. What is the best way market my business, services, and products? There is nothing but options out there, so how do you choose the best option that won’t bust the budget?

There are several ways to get more attention, grow your customer base and increase your sales. Let’s examine some of the options, and hopefully by the end of this article your best choice will be clear.

What is Organic Marketing?

Organic Marketing is simply a marketing strategy that drives traffic to your business and digital spaces and is not supported by an ad buy. There are several ways to increase the results you get from organic marketing. Let’s start by saying the internet is a wealth of information, everything you have ever wondered, needed, or wanted is at your fingertips with a quick search. People pay for transformation not for information. A fantastic way to establish your business at the forefront of your competition is to give them information. This builds credibility and highlights your expertise. There are many ways you can do this.


Start a blog, where you can write short articles that address something happening in your industry, tips and tricks about your product or service, or even how to do it themselves. Blogs generate traffic to your website and google loves information, so this is also advantageous for that coveted first page placement.

Social Media

Another effective way of increasing your organic presence is through social media channels. Highlight your business, your team, your products, your work, your happy customers. Anything goes, but the most important things are relevance, acknowledgement, and consistency. If you are using your social channels correctly, you audience will know what to expect from you. Things such as regular posting, informative posts, and funny posts will engage your audience. Acknowledge your audience, if they reach out or comment, acknowledge them, it is an effortless way to turn a sometimes customer into a fan.


While we are talking about social media, let’s talk about hashtags. Hashtags are a way that people that may not know about your business can “discover” it. Use hashtags that are relevant to your audience, location, and the topic you are discussing. You should be using a combination of branded, niche specific, location, moderately popular and extremely popular hashtags. Remember your market/service area, if you are a small business in Canada that operates in a smaller service area, the location, brand, and niche tags will be far more beneficial than the popular hashtags.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines of all kinds such as Google, You Tube, and Bing use algorithms just like social media channels do. This is to ensure the person is being served relevant, useful information. Search Engines can only stay popular if they give the people what they want. We have all gone to a search engine looking for something and after 15 different searches we just give up. Search Engine Optimization is the process of making changes and corrections to your website, citations, social channels, and online listings to ensure that the algorithm produces relevant information from all your sources. This consists of several different things, from speed of your website to technical corrections to your site, right down to ensuring your phone number and address are correct everywhere your business is listed online. You check the state of your website SEO for free here.


We know not all people are comfortable with video, but it is an amazing source of traffic. Create some how-to videos, demo a product, teach them a trick or faster way to do something, pack up a client order, or unbox new stock. Establish yourself as an expert. I know what you’re thinking, if I teach them how to do something for themselves, why would they use my business. Well, I will let in on a little secret, most people want to know how to do something, but have zero interest in actually doing it. Now that you have showed them how, they trust you, believe you know what you’re doing and would like you to do it for them.

Email Marketing

Everyone hates email, this is true, I’m not going to argue. If you choose to market using email, DON’T abuse the privilege of having their email address. Only send emails that are valuable to them. Send them discount codes, sales that are happening or even some how-to information. If you choose to do email marketing only send them things, you know they will find valuable.

Now that we have discussed the ways to increase your organic marketing efforts, let’s look at why you should care. Organic traffic is far more valuable to your business than paid traffic. Organic Marketing is far less costly than paid advertising. All of your organic efforts lend to your credibility, and brand awareness in your market. Organic Marketing will also help you be the obvious choice among your competition, you will be more reputable, more credible and way more visible.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go get started!

If you would like to start Organic Marketing for your business and you don’t have time or would rather someone else manage it. Reach out we do this everyday for businesses just like yours and they love us for it


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