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Quality Over Quantity – Improve Your Social Media Engagement

As a business you should always be looking to boost the engagement of your social media. Some people tend to think that the more you post the better. They soon find themselves filling up Facebook feeds with random posts numerous times a day. I don’t know about you, but when I see that I get annoyed and unfollow. Focus on the quality, not the quantity of your posts. If you want to gain a competitive advantage in your industry, then it all starts with paying attention to the way you’re currently delivering content. From there, you can strategize different ways to generate more leads, receive higher sales conversions, and grow a higher following on your social platforms. It all starts with your engagement. If you’re looking to gain traction on your business’ social media, here are some ways that you can improve the quality of your social media engagement.

Study Current Data

Would you expect to get an A on an exam that you have not studied for? Well, yes maybe some people would. But that’s very unlikely going to happen. It’s the exact same when compared to your social media engagement strategy. Before you go and start correcting your social media tactics, you need to analyze your current data first. Your current statistics are going to give you all the information you need. No matter what social media outlets you use, there are insights and analytics tools that you can use. The interesting and sometimes surprising information that you catch in your current statistics will indicate what changes you should make. If you notice a substantial slide in the “likes” on your Facebook posts, then you need to garner more attention to Facebook in the next few weeks. However, if you notice a decline across all accounts, then it’s a sign that all the content in your marketing strategy needs to be reviewed and revised.

Integrate Videos

If you focus too much on copywritten content, then you might never yield a higher rate of engagement among your followers. The reason for this is because it’s not interactive enough. Your prospects and clients are thrown hundreds of different ads in their face each day, and usually if they aren’t videos, they don’t pay attention to them at all. Videos are the increasing preference currently in the digital world. Just look at TikTok. Video marketing has been proven to yield a higher return on your investment. In fact, 54% of consumers want more video content from the brands that they support. YouTube has over one billion users! That’s almost 33% of the entire total of internet users in the world. I think that’s tell it all right there. If you want to see your engagement skyrocket almost immediately with your followers, start to include more videos.

Improve Your Social Media Engagement - Video Content

Make Fewer Sales Pitches in Your Content

There’s a common misconception among many companies that are trying to grow their social media engagement. They think the best way to higher their online sales conversions is to ask for the sale in every single post. That concept can’t be further from the truth as that content probably turns away most of your followers. I honestly wouldn’t doubt it if you see a large number of people unfollow you as a result. Rather than going for the sales pitch, you need to focus on providing a concise call to action for your followers. A sales pitch says “buy this solution right now and you’ll never have to worry about your problem again!”. A call to action is something as simple as “click this link”, “check out this article”, or “subscribe to our email list”. Call to actions are harmless and provide actionable next steps for your prospects.

Focus on Humor

This is my personal favorite. Many people go to social media for humor. Chances are you do as well. People enjoy taking in content that they can laugh too and share with their family, friends, coworkers, etc. If you think about it, is there ever content that you share with others that isn’t funny? Chances are not very much. The more humor that you integrate into your social media content, the more interaction that you’ll see as a result. You may notice an increase in follows, likes, comments, and shares with every post that you use. It will add a personable and friendly personality to your brand.

Improve Your Social Media Engagement - Humor

Rethink Who Your Target Customers Are

Sometimes the biggest reason that you don’t see the social media engagement that you want is simply because you are directing your content to the wrong people. You could have the cleverest content out there, but your results sure won’t show it. If this sounds familiar, then it’s time to re-evaluate and start over. Start by rebuilding and rethinking who your buyers are. What platforms do they use? What are their pain points? Which problems can your product or service resolve for them? How can you win over their trust?

Improving your social media engagement strategy takes time and effort as every audience is different. But your end goal is to increase the quality of your content, which will in turn increase the quality of your followers, not just the quantity. Redirecting your efforts towards catering your posts to your current audience can make a significant difference in your engagement rates. Increasing your engagement rates will not only help to convert your followers into customers, but it will improve your social media reach. This process can be time-consuming, however, putting in the work to engage your audience will help your business in the long run.

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